Fabrika is a studio for beautifully crafted and expertly built digital products.

We partner with founders to create, launch and grow startups.



We design products, develop technology and generate growth.


Each project is unique and requires a tailored approach. We’ll guide you through each component to form the best possible plan for your software. An organized and efficient discovery phase prepares a product for success by outlining key metrics before we begin building. Discovery arms us with everything needed to begin design and development.


Our team works closely with you to create your brand. We consider every aspect of a brand’s visual and verbal language in an effort to invoke emotional connections. This process goes hand in hand with creating compelling user interface design and delivering innovative user experience.


Modern software development requires knowledge of many platforms. Our team of expert engineers is focused on the latest trends and technologies across the major web and mobile platforms and we always take a full-stack approach to the development process.


At the final phase of development we conduct extensive internal and external user testing to ensure the latest build we have is perfected and ready for the public.


Our growth development involves a mix of the most powerful marketing strategies employed in the marketplace. We believe that growth is something that must be planned and handled properly. We’re committed to making growth a central part of any business or product strategy.


Fabrika Capital offers seed funding for the right opportunity. We also collaborate with our VC partner network to offer funding solutions appropriate for the start-up.

Fabrika is a development studio with a seed stage investment fund.

We work with founders to help bring their incredible ideas to life. We combine our expert level design and development capabilities with our significant startup experience to build amazing products. We then work with our clients on all aspects of their business that will ensure a successful launch.

Our teams spends a significant amount of time with every company we work with, guiding them every step of the way. From initial prototyping to design and development, launch, growth, and fundraising. We can also assist companies in gaining access to accelerator programs.

Fabrika Capital is set up to look at potential investments at the seed stage funding round of our Clients.