Behind every great business there is a remarkable marketing campaign

Building a great product or delivering an indispensable service is at the core of any successful bus...


November 9th 2016

Education 2.0

Education is not a mechanical system. It’s a human system. We have to recognize that there are conditions under which ...


February 1st 2016

London — the historical center of innovation is only now catching up

London — the hub of the industrial revolution and the precursor of the information Age has seemingly lost its stea...


January 28th 2016

Platform lessons from Microsoft vs. Apple

Apple just introduced two new platforms — Apple Watch and Apple TV. Google keeps upgrading and altering its Android OS...


January 27th 2016

Car as a Platform

A fuel economy on the order of 25 mpg, an engine capable of running gasoline, kerosene or ethanol, the throttle is contr...


January 26th 2016

Why do you need to start outsourcing technical tasks today?

5 benefits of Outsourcing Tech Work.


July 6th 2015

The Software Development Fund

In March of 1955, two ex-IBM employees, founded Computer Usage Company (CUC) with the intention of offering computer pro...


June 18th 2015

Virtual Restaurants

In the western world, the modern day restaurant was born in 18th century Paris. Initially, they were called “Bouillon...


May 25th 2015

The Rise of Non-Technical Founders

The Old Status Quo Number one advice in Silicon Valley for non-technical founders; “Get yourself a technical co-founde...


May 4th 2015