We ship exemplary code
and create human-centered designs.

We create outstanding digital products and
technical solutions to launch startups and
help established brands grow and transition.

We are your go to thinkers for everything you need -
from the smallest details to the really big picture -
to thrive, grow and achieve your goals.

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Fabrika has numerous exciting projects that are tailored for the consumer. These digital products were designed for users by users, focusing on great UX, as well as scalability for a large user base.

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With Moxie

Due to the popularity and high demand for e-commerce websites, Fabrika set out to build a sustainable and growing knowledge base of Shopify, in order to provide high quality e-commerce websites en masse.

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The Complexities
Of Mobility

Fabrika has a particular knack for products and marketplaces that promote mobility. The products and solutions developed for clients in this category are complex, elaborate, and need to be designed from the get-go to anticipate and accommodate 
transitions, pivots and adjustments.

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Innovative Healthcare

Fabrika is proud to have developed digital products and solutions for enterprise level healthcare start ups.

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Team as a Service

We're ready to help

We believe that opportunity exists everywhere and that in today’s global economy, the companies working on the most exciting products and the best talent to build and shape those products don’t always exist in the same area. That’s why we are here to help build your remote team without compromising on quality, communication or velocity.