Apr 25, 2019

The Rise of Non-Technical Founders

By Miloš Čitaković

The Old Status Quo

Number one advice in Silicon Valley for non-technical founders; “Get yourself a technical co-founder!”


This narrow view on how a successful startup should be created does not fit everyone. In recent times as the app business has begun to boom, more non-technical entrepreneurs have started to ask themselves and look for ways to get into the mobile app business, but do not know any technical people that would readily partner up with them.

The current status quo is that programmers and engineers dominate the founder space and often times those who aren’t technical are left to the wayside without much thought of what they actually bring to the table.

But as the mobile app landscape is changing, so is the status quo. The industry is slowly learning that bringing a very well-built product to market is not enough to create a successful start-up.

After all, its a business.

Building a successful start-up is just like building any other business. Creating the product is just one part of it. What non-technical founders usually lack in coding ability they make up in determination, business experience and marketing potential.

The most recent success story of an adamant non-tech founder is that of Perri Gorman. Perri has successfully launched two startups — Unroll.me and Archive.ly — to help make our e-mail experience that much better. Unroll.me was created with a team of 4 non-tech founders who used design and development shops to help build their initial product, successfully launch it, and then went on their own and hired a full-time engineering team around their already built and successful app.

It is important for founders to acknowledge their limits and focus on their strengths.

Many non-tech founders have a great idea, but really do not know how to execute on it. The most common path they think to take is either find a co-founder, or try to learn to code. Both these paths are full of obstacles due to the current attitude towards non-tech people and the inherent difficulties in learning the engineering aspects.

Looking at the current crop of non-tech founders and their eagerness to get into the mobile and web app market, there is a new business model cropping up that caters to these individuals — the partner dev shop.

That is what why we created Fabrika. We do the job that is expected of technical co-founder and more in building the application, helping with the product strategy and bringing it to market. Fabrika tries to encompass more of the market and appeal by having an in-house investment team that evaluates our projects and chooses to invest in some of them as part of the seed funding round. We also help recruit the full time team around the start-up.

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