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Carhopper is an online booking platform for luxury car rentals.
It started out quite differently though and at the beginning Fabrika was tasked with creating a marketplace that enabled car owners to post their vehicles for hire and allowed users to rent the cars through the platform.

Scope of work
  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS App Development
  • Android Development
  • Web Development
  • DevOps

Streamlining a complex process.

The first challenge was building a marketplace from scratch and trying to streamline quite a complex process, whereby car owners upload their vehicles and get verified through third party APIs, while end users need to be able to safely search, rent and return vehicles.


Safety and security, a priority.

The second challenge was related to the insurance process and background checks. Safety is paramount in a platform like Carhopper. Both the vehicle owner and the renter need to trust Carhopper to provide them with a safe, secure and seamless experience. That’s why Fabrika decided to implement a unique feature - the mobile walk-around - allowing end users to check for damages before and after renting a vehicle, verified and confirmed also by the car owners. We also used two industry-specific third party APIs to verify the background of a car owner and renter - one provided by the insurance company, and the other by a startup called Checkr. The challenge was to efficiently integrate both APIs for the same task, leaving enough time to get results from both services. Further, we had to build an algorithm for cases when the two services returned vastly different results, and a manual check, follow-up or Carhopper admin investigation was required.


Swift adaptation to a major pivot.

After the initial platform was built and launched, Carhopper identified an important market gap and decided to completely change their focus and design, which required a significant tech and marketing pivot. They changed from a marketplace where almost anyone could list their car, to a platform exclusively dedicated to exotic luxury cars from high-end licensed rental businesses and dealerships.

For Fabrika that meant removing the listing process for users and replacing it with a bulk listing and upload feature for dealerships. Second, re-designing the platform to conform to a luxury market and sophisticated target audience. In addition, the whole tech pivot had to be done while the old Carhopper platform was still operational and processing rentals.

Fabrika was able to use and refactor the old code in record time, building new features and new flow, thus allowing Carhopper to relaunch the platform within their deadline.


Smooth ride ahead.

The new platform achieved great strides with the dealerships and the target audience - the platform provides access to over two thousand vehicles, with an inventory that regularly amounts to more than $800M in value.

Another significant achievement is the integration of the Carhopper API into the JetSmarter platform for renting private jets, thus making Carhopper the exclusive car partner for JetSmarter’s clients.

The app became multifunctional, with proven traction, metrics, and industry data, related to customer journey, average transaction size, customers personas, preferred device types, and many other features. This in turn helped the marketing efforts to double their ROI consistently.