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Revolutionary and environmentally friendly transportation.

Helbiz is a shared mobility company dedicated to revolutionizing urban transportation solutions. One of their services is HelbizGo - a dockless intra urban transportation app, allowing users to instantly unlock and rent electric scooters directly from their phone, and simply leave curb-side when they’re finished.

Fabrika was brought in to build iOS and Android mobile apps that would enable users to swiftly connect with Xiaomi scooters over bluetooth and GSM, as well as a web + iOS app for the admin panel and fleet management.

Scope of work
  • Backend Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Web development
  • DevOps
  • Machine Learning

Building a new server
from scratch.

To effectively replace the outdated Xiaomi infrastructure, while maintaining and scaling the existing codebase, Fabrika used a microservice and the API provided to us and connected the GSM modules to the Xiaomi servers and then back to our app and internal backend.

By doing so we successfully replaced the existing infrastructure, allowing for the scaling of the fleet and effectively reducing costs per scooter. We launched a fleet of 400 scooters, with a high success and response rate. Following that we developed the backend and servers connected directly to the GSM modules, thereby establishing full control of the codebase,cutting out third party dependency and creating future version and feature control. This elegant solution allowed us to launch an additional fleet of 2,500 scooters without any scaling issues.

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A simple and effective fleet management system.

The Helbiz team manages a series of logistics operations: build the scooters, connect them to the server, track their activity and realtime location, monitor battery levels, drivers safety and regulate pickup, recharge and redeploy the scooters.

To successfully complete all these tasks, the Helbiz team needed a very user friendly but robust admin panel. That’s why Fabrika built a web interface and an iOS app for tablets that allowed non-technical employees to service the whole fleet.

The admin panel is updated in real-time with the functionality to retrieve complete scooter data, on-going rides, driver safety, battery level, real-time location and irregular activity. To make the system even more user friendly we built in a notification system with alerts related to low battery scooters and irregular activity.


We also factored into the algorithm that the irregular activity list would be updated on a case by case basis and thus made it flexible.

Further, Fabrika developed an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that enabled the the system to track pick-up/drop-off locations, learn from that data and auto-suggest prominent locations for the Helbiz team to place their scooters around the city thereby increasing rentals.

Seamless user experience
and super fast sync.

To create a streamlined user experience, Fabrika built ultra-friendly Android and iOS mobile apps, which allowed users to unlock idle scooters by either scanning their QR codes or entering their unique 4 digit code. The home screen focuses on the user’s location and shows available scooters in their vicinity. Every interaction on the app is designed to highlight the easy accessibility and proximity of the scooter fleet and to make it very simple for users to locate and rent them within a matter of seconds. In fact, both apps were so user-friendly and smooth that they peaked on the top 10 downloaded apps on the App Store and Play Store in Italy within 5 days of their release.